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Our process starts the same every time, with an idea.

It may be a photo, a love of cooking, or an old floor finish that stuck with you over the years. We take that seed, and start growing your vision.

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STEP 1 | Dream Big

This is where it all starts. We push our clients to think about the big ideas, without getting bogged down about budgets, land planning, building codes (we worry about all stuff for you). We want to make sure that we leave time to test your ideas and will sketch, document, model until your vision takes shape.

STEP 2 | Design Development

We turn those ideas into designs that work. Here is where we start sweating the details. At the end of this phase, you will not only have a clear vision of your design, you’ll know what it costs.

Maletz Architects
Maletz Architects

STEP 3 | Refinement

Dreams and budgets don’t always align, so we create options, ideas, and solutions that get you there.

STEP 4 | Construction 

A successful project requires a great team, where everyone understands the goals, schedules, and challenges. You probably can’t wait until the day you occupy your new home and neither can we. We will actively manage the process, providing you with all the updates along the way. There are decisions to finalize at every turn, and we simplify the process so you know exactly what to expect.

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